Beechdean is dedicated to making and selling great products. This all started from humble beginnings in 1989 on Susie’s family farm. Andrew & Susie met at University whilst studying Agricultural Science. Susie’s family had been producing top quality milk for 30 years on the farm. Andrew & Susie had a dream – they decided to blend the farm heritage with their passion for good food and flavours. They quickly realised that making ice cream was the perfect answer. They started making ice cream by hand in a converted cow shed on the farm, supplying local pubs and theatres in their small white van. Since then they have dedicated themselves to creating the most delicious ice cream, sorbets, yogurts, pancakes and waffles for the British public to enjoy all year round. Beechdean is a family run British company, proud of its heritage and now 30 years on is one of the UK’s leading ice cream manufacturers – producing over 350 million portions of ice cream a year. The company started with Beechdean Farmhouse Dairy Ice Cream and has since gone on to acquire there ice cream brands as well as lining up with key licensing partners. Beechdean, Loseley, Lovingtons, More For Graneli’s, Yorkshire Dales, Paul Hollywood, Paddington, Spongebob Squarepants · Beechdean are the Third Largest Ice Cream Manufacturer in the UK · All our manufacturing is based in Grade AA BRC approved Production Sites · A dedicated team ensures all our products are stored and delivered in the optimal condition · Beechdean is committed to understanding the dessert market and invests in research, market data, and New Product Development to continually develop the passion that Andrew & Susie started the company within 1989. Beechdean is a family run British company, proud of its heritage and whom are passionate about the ice cream and desserts we manufacture, the people we work with and the partners we supply. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products, exceptional customer service, and the most indulgent experiences when it comes to ice cream. We believe that ice cream is more than just a flavour; it is a moment, an experience and a treat – we will always deliver this on every occasion. Thirty years on and we are now the 3rd UK’s largest ice cream manufacturer, producing over 350 million portions a year from four AA Grade UK production sites.

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Consort is a wholesale supplier of Beechdean ice cream in the South East England.