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Ice Cubes

If you are looking for wholesale ice cream suppliers or wholesale frozen food suppliers in the South East England the best is Consort Frozen Foods wholesaler. We supply retailers and restaurants with freezers, slushie machines, free pos and more. We sell ice cream machines such as soft ice cream machine FWIP and slushie machine. If you need “ice cream suppliers near me” contact one of our area representatives here. We are supplier of Wall’s, Magnum, Kelly’s, Ben & Jerry’s, dog ice cream, ice cream tubs, mini ice cream tubs, frozen fish, healthy frozen food.

We like to think we have one of the widest ranges of ice creams available anywhere in the country. From premium brands on a stick, in a tube, bar or wrapper – aswell as the traditional cone – we aim to cover any ice cream need. From locally sourced farm products, organic ice cream or 100% real fruit we can find the product just for you. We also cater for diabetic needs, bespoke ice cream products with your name on aswell as the traditional core product. Whether you own a convenience store, grocery chain, a cafe, restaurant, pub, park, farm, zoo, garden center or mobile van we can provide all your ice cream needs. Find anything too difficult to source then let us see what we can do to help.