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Consort Frozen Foods Ltd Kirsty's Vegan Mac & Cheeze

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Kirsty’s Vegan Mac & Cheeze

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Kirsty’s Vegan Mac & Cheeze

Kirsty’s Vegan Mac & Cheeze – Available at Consort Frozen Foods Today

An incredibly creamy, ‘cheezy’ version of the much-loved classic, Mac & Cheese! Plus it’s gluten free and vegan friendly

We use soft and tender, gluten free elbow macaroni. We smother it and slowly cook it in our rich & velvety smooth, cheezy sauce; which is made with a smokey dairy free cheeze. The dish is then finished with a generous sprinkle of our gluten free herb crumb, which brings a lovely crunchy texture to the dish, once cooked. 

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Consort Frozen Foods Ltd Kirsty's Vegan Mac & Cheeze

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