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Magnum, A day without Pleasure is a day lost

Magnum, our most indulgent brand, was invented in 1989 with adults in mind. Magnum has all our senses covered, from the smooth curves of the ice cream to the seductive smell of chocolate. The sound of the first crack as you bite in, and then the feel of thick ice cream within. Magnum is second to none when it comes to taste and luxury – a thrill for all senses.

It’s no surprise Magnum has been around for over a quarter of a century. Magnum Classic is the best-selling ice cream in the UK.

It’s no surprise Magnum has been around for over a quarter of a century. magnum classic is the best-selling ice cream in the UK.

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The 2023 range of Sunlover and Starchaser

Get set for an iconic summer with Magnum’s limited edition ice creams. Refresh yourself with Sunlover, for a bite of the exotic on a summer’s day. Or indulge in your dark side with Starchaser, for a decadent treat under the stars. Your unforgettable summer moments are brought alive in these new flavour combinations, reminding the world that day or night, Pleasure is Always on.

Year on year, Magnum stays true to pleasure with enviable new product developments. You only have to watch the adverts to get your mouth watering! We forecast huge success for the 2023 range of Sunlover and Starchaser.

indulge responsibly and be true to pleasure

Magnum offers a luxurious range of products, and sales are bolstered through the creation of celebrity aspirations in partnership with some of the biggest global stars.

So, if you were in any doubt about stocking Magnum, think again; these products are not only brilliant and fulfil a sustainable agenda, but they are also backed by big-budget advertising to drive consumer demand.

The Sustainability of magnum ice cream
Deliver Pleasure to your customers

Magnum wants to make sure all lifestyles are catered for in order to bring pleasure to all. We do so through our Vegan range, which is every bit as luxurious as the Dairy range. They also have their Magnum Mini range, for those looking for a permissible treat. Whilst Magnum leads with luxury, it is still a brand with SUSTAINABILITY AT ITS HEART.

Their sustainability agenda is focused on the 3 P’s:

– Product
– Planet
– People

The Sustainability of magnum ice cream

Magnum is doing their bit for the planet too. They are committed to finding renewable energy solutions to ensure their whole operation is carbon neutral by 2030. Today, all products manufactured on Unilever sites are done so using 100% renewable grid electricity. They have signed the Cocoa Forest Initiative, which aims to eliminate deforestation, and have pledged to plant over 400,000 trees in the Ivory Coast.

It’s important that the farmers who grow the delicious ingredients Magnum uses are well looked after. They’ve launched a big social initiative called AWA. This will drive for the social and economic empowerment of women in the cocoa farming industries. In addition to this, Magnum already supports 40,000 people in Madagascar, where their Vanilla is grown, with health insurance and education.