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The History Of Wall’s

In 1922, T Wall and Sons started making ice cream in London because their sausages didn’t sell as well in the summer. Wall’s Ice Cream was born. We’ve come a long way since the early days of transporting ice cream around the streets of London by horse and cart to today, where the much-loved brands appear all over the world.

People’s love affair with Wall’s has continued to grow across the decades in all situations, from in their homes, to beachfront cafes, to all around towns and cities. Every activity is an opportunity for a delicious sweet treat!

Our Popular Products

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Happy Together

Wall’s is much more than the heart brand we all know and love. Our purpose centres around inclusive happiness; after all, who doesn’t smile at the thought of a yummy ice cream or lolly? Most of our ice creams are eaten in good company and it is our mission to deliver occasions where people can be happy together eating an ice cream.

Every Wall’s product has a special place in people’s hearts, everyone has a favourite! We believe everyone has a right to be happy, and ice cream should be enjoyed by all of us, not just a few. We all know ice cream makes everyone happy.

We strive to ensure our products are as sustainable as possible across the whole supply chain. Our products speak for themselves when it comes to taste and mouthfeel. We’ve also made sure our products span a range of occasions from the most indulgent to responsibly made for kids (RMFK).

More Than Just a Heart Shape!

Wall’s heart brand is one of the most salient in our market.

That shiny red heart can’t be mistaken for anything other than ice cream. That’s why we offer branded freezer cabinets and point of sale merchandise to support every business with the selling of ice cream. With Wall’s it couldn’t be easier to stand out and attract anyone hungry for a treat!