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It’s all about M’Or with Carte D’Or

Carte D’Or is committed to delivering M’Or through their range: M’Or authentic, M’Or delicious, M’Or unique, M’Or memorable, M’Or please!

With their foundation in the Paris restaurant scene and over 40 years’ experience, Carte D’Or is well placed to offer an authentic restaurant-quality ice cream experience, whether you’re looking for front-of-house scooping or a take-home treat. Their Ice Cream is also often used by culinary professionals to create innovative dessert masterpieces.

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So, if you want to offer M’Or to your customers take a look at the Carte D’Or range:

The Sustainability of Carte D'Or

The vanilla and cocoa sourced for their ice creams are Rainforest Alliance Certified and come from Madagascar, Ecuador, and West Africa, respectively.

The latest tubs were launched in 2022 and are made with 93% less plastic, PEFC-certified, responsibly sourced paper, and the Tub and lid are recyclable.

Carte D’Or combines the finest ingredients with decades of knowledge and skill to craft an unforgettable dessert experience.