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Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s: more than just Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s was started back in 1978 by two guys called Ben & Jerry. From the very beginning, the mission was simple: Make the best possible ice cream, Use the business to do good, Have fun!

Since then, Ben & Jerry’s has stood for making delicious ice cream, packed generously with chunks and swirls. And it works, with Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Phish Food confirmed as the top 3 favourite flavours across the UK.

Ben & Jerry’s are committed to making their Ice Cream from the best ingredients that can be ethically sourced and produced in the nicest possible way.
Ben & Jerry’s is a global brand that uses their far-reaching brand voice to speak up for what they believe in.


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Introducing Ben & Jerry’s & Tony's Chocolonely

Ben & Jerry’s has recently announced a Partnership with Tony’s Chocolonely. They are now sourcing cocoa in the same way – through open chain. They have a 5-year plan to move all cocoa into this way of sourcing which in a ‘cocoa bean shell’ means Adopting 5 sourcing principles:

1. Traceability of cocoa beans – ensuring products can be attributed directly to the farmers and cooperatives that grow them, through direct trade on equal footing

2. A higher price on top of the certified bean price that enables farmers to earn a living income and run their farm effectively

3. Strong farmers – Guarantee buying from professional farmers and cooperatives, supporting development to ensure longevity and give them the power to change inequality

4. The long term – working with 5 year commitments providing farmers with investments over a period of time to facilitate meaningful improvements

5. Productivity and quality Investing in agricultural know-how and skills, making slave labour and child labour 100% redundant

Introducing Ben & Jerry’s Sundaes with NEW whipped topping!​

An exciting expansion to the sundaes range is happening this year…introducing 2 more sundaes. This time they have new chocolatey whipped toppings!

Discover some of the chunkiest, swirliest flavours, layered with a never before seen creamy whipped topping and finished with a sticky sauce and open chain chocolatey chunks.

This is the ultimate ice cream experience – done the Ben & Jerry’s way!

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At the core of Ben & Jerry’s beliefs are:

The Sustainability of Ben & Jerry’s

Sustainability Is at the core of Ben & Jerry’s. Their ingredients are ethically sourced and all certified as fair trade, only free-range eggs and dairy from free-grazing cattle are used. All packaging is necessary for the size of the product with less air inside and packaging is all plant based and fully recyclable.

If earth protecting products are something you’re interested in, it’s worth checking out their Vegan range too, with some of the brands best-selling flavours available in non-dairy.