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Ben & Jerry’s: The UK’s No.1 Luxury Ice Cream Brand

Ben & Jerry’s was started back in 1978 by two guys called Ben & Jerry. From the very beginning, the mission was simple: Make the best possible ice cream, Use the business to do good, Have fun! And that mission remains unchanged today. It’s why Ben & Jerry’s takes the crown as the UK’s #1 luxury ice cream brand.

Ben & Jerry’s are more than just ice cream – From mixing Fairtrade chunks & swirls into dairy from free-grazing cows, to innovating into non-dairy so that fans can enjoy all their favourite Ben & Jerry’s chunks and swirls without the dairy, to using plant-based recyclable packing. Ben & Jerry’s are committed to making the world a better place from cow to cone.

Oh, and dough-nt forget to stock up on the classics. Did you know? Cookie Dough sells the most units, and has the highest value sales & highest ROS of any dessert ice cream. 2 While it’s Non-Dairy counterpart, Cookies on Cookie Dough takes the top spot as the #1 non-dairy SKU.


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Our Best Non-Dairy Recipe Yet! A Smooth and Decadent NEW Oat-Base:

Until now, our Flavour Gurus have churned up Non-Dairy ice cream flavours using an almond base. But we love tinkering in the test kitchen and trying to pack even more “Wow” into every bite. So instead of putting our spoons away for good, we kept looking for a Non-Dairy recipe that would deliver an even smoother and richer dessert experience.

After years of testing and tasting and churning and learning, the Flavour Gurus discovered our best Non-Dairy ice cream recipe yet: a rich oat base. With oats, they found a recipe formula that makes a creamy base that’s perfect for all our flavours. The oat-based recipe makes for a smoother, more indulgent texture, allowing flavours like chocolate, caramel, mint, and vanilla to shine. And there’s an added bonus, too: The oat-based recipe reduces nut allergens, making every Non-Dairy ice cream flavour more inclusive for those with dietary sensitivities.

There’s Even S’more To Enjoy In 2024, With 3 NEW Flavours:

Please watch the video to meet the new flavour additions to the Ben & Jerry’s line up: Ben & Jerry’s Spectacu-love, Ben & Jerry’s Sundae Non-Dairy Oat of this Swirled and Ben & Jerry’s Sundae Marshmallow & S’more.

The Sustainability of Ben & Jerry’s

Sustainability Is at the core of Ben & Jerry’s. Their ingredients are ethically sourced and all certified as fair trade, only free-range eggs and dairy from free-grazing cattle are used. All packaging is necessary for the size of the product with less air inside and packaging is all plant based and fully recyclable.

If earth protecting products are something you’re interested in, it’s worth checking out their Vegan range too, with some of the brands best-selling flavours available in non-dairy.