Dear Customers,

This briefing document sets out Consort’s plan for business continuity and our ambition of service and supply, moving forward from today.

It’s important to highlight that Consort Frozen Foods has every intention to continue to supply our customer base, especially at this time where we believe we are going to see an increased demand for frozen food.

We are building a plan to ensure continuity of service, looking at every eventuality. This includes our sales / office and admin staff being available to support our logistics team.

Fortunately, at Consort we have a very experienced and supportive staff base that over the years, have learnt many different roles, and thus can be flexible in times of high demand.

At this time, we are not looking at a service reduction either in delivery days or telephone callage to our customer base. We are in fact looking to react if needed to any increased demand.

To ensure the continuity of service we have made the decision to have our Field Sales Team work from home at this time. The team will contact their customers, where they can, and try and secure orders on the phone, but also communicate the latest position of our plans for business as usual.

Our order lines of 01444 870111 or 01233 647355 will remain open for orders and we plan to have an answer phone on to capture orders outside business hours or when
phone lines are busy.

We also have a website and app for online orders that can be requested by emailing

With regards to product supply, at this time we see no interruption being communicated from any of our suppliers so we assume business as usual.

At a time of uncertainty, we as a company hope that you our customers share in our vision of us working hard for each other and together looking after each other.

Best Wishes
All at Consort Frozen Foods

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