Crafted with Alpine spirit. We strive for excellence in everything we do for you to experience the unique taste sensations which have already been a feature of Movenpick ice cream.
A passion for the extraordinary, the very best natural ingredients and the savoir faire of the Movenpick craftsmen have always formed the basis of Movenpick's refined creations.
It is important for the Mövenpick ice cream makers to build longstanding relationships with the best suppliers to ensure each ingredient used in the recipes is unsurpassed in quality. Time is spent to ensure ingredients are always of the highest standard. Whether it’s the Swiss milk and cream from cows with a high quality of life due to the amount of time they spend in fresh air, or the 65% Maracaibo chocolate by renowned Swiss chocolatiers, the ingredients have been carefully sourced to ensure a taste of luxury with every mouthful of Mövenpick ice cream or Sorbet. It is the creaminess and consistency of taste that sets Mövenpick apart from its competitors. Each flavour has its very own recipe, even from the initial mixture creating the perfect balance of ingredients. The ripples and inclusions are there to add depth and contrast ensuring a taste sensation with every scoop.

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Consort is a wholesale supplier of Mövenpick ice cream in the South East England.