Consort Frozen Foods is proud to be supporting two very important charities. YMCA and St Anne Day Centre who provide food and a safe place to visit for isolated and homeless people in Brighton and Hove.

The staff at Consort have already collected more than 20 boxes filled with clothes and toiletries as well as a £150 donation.

Consort is very proud of what the staff are doing and have also given the YMCA a freezer with the commitment to filling it up with frozen food products as often as we can, as well as donating a lot of frozen food to St Anne Day Centre.

Consort has also take over 50 boxes of frozen products to the Horsham YMCA where they will distribute them to all residential centres.
Horsham are able to hold a large quantity of stock and will distribute to other YMCA homes allowing us to reach out to hundreds of people in need.

View the facebook post created by YMCA Downslink Group

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