Independent Food Retailers Gaining Ground On Supermarkets!

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Independent food retailers are gaining on the supermarkets following a huge high street boost last year. This is according to new figures from insurance broker Simply Business, which found a growth of 30% in the number of independent food retailers across the UK.Analysis of over 40,000 independent retail outlets also found that independent supermarkets performed exceptionally, seeing a 65% rise from 2012 to 2013. The number of bakeries also grew by 31%, while independent fishmongers saw an increase of 28%.

Further down the scale but still noting significant growth were wine merchants, the number of which increased by 10% year on year, and butchers, which grew by 9%.

It is thought that the rise can be partly attributed to a growing ‘foodie’ culture across the UK, along with negative sentiment towards major supermarkets and chain retailers, many of which have suffered from a string f bad press.

Simply Business CEO Jason Stockwood said: “The surge in independent food merchants exemplifies the nimble nature of small businesses as their success is often determined by smartly tapping into growing trends at the right time

“We hope these independent food and drink stores will profit from consumers turning their backs on established supermarket chains in favour of their local providers who breathe new life into community high streets. Independent businesses are vital to the ongoing growth of the UK economy and our findings reinforce this.”

NamNews – Wednesday 12th March 2014

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