Consort Frozen Foods is proud to be a member of the Ice Cream Alliance (ICA)

The ICA, which is the only membership trade association for the Ice Cream Industry in the UK, has been set up to encourage and support the production, vending and consumption of premium ice cream and other frozen treats.

What are some of the benefits of this membership to Consort and our customers?

Working hard for you

The ICA works hard to make sure both the general trade’s and individual members’ interests are represented and
promoted where it matters including:

Ice Cream in Schools

Ongoing campaign including lobbying Parliament, speaking to the media, influencing policy makers and providing practical tools to help members.

Promoting Quality Ice Cream : educating and informing the public about what real artisan ice cream is and giving them the chance to enjoy local products.

Liaising with Authorities : whether it be with EHO’s, Trading Standards, Planning Officers or even Event Organisers

Membership Benefits

*Access to a network of real experts

*Technical help and training courses

*Free or discounted technical publications

ICA are also able to offer practical help to help prepare for or react to EHO or customer audits and ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and best practice.


The ICA has set out the minimum standards which both it and its members have called for to produce a minimum quality standard for ice cream to cover the nation – quality is the target.

The description of Sorbet

Is reserved for a product complying with the basic definition and contains a maximum added fat content of 1%.  The product must contain when reference is made to fruit(s) or vegetable(s) in words, definitions, trade-marks, brand name, pictorial matter or symbols, the fruit(s) or vegetable(s) content must be at least 20%.

The fruit(s) content may however be reduced respectively to 15% for those fruits which are of a citrus variety, such as lemon, orange, mandarine, tangerine, grapefruit, etc or other acidic fruit which have a thick consistency such as pineapple, banana, corossol, cherimoya, guanabana, guava, kiwi, lychee, mango, passion fruit, etc.  The minimum content is reduced to 7% for nuts and nut preparations.

Milk Ice

Product which contains at least 2.5% dairy fat and a minimum of 6% milk solids not fat, excluding any other fat or protein from a non-dairy source.

The description of Ice Cream

This shall not be applied to a food other than a frozen product containing a minimum of 5% fat and not less than 2.5% milk protein, not necessarily in natural proportions. It is made by subjecting an emulsion of fat,  milk solids and sugar (including any  permitted sweetener as regulated by the Food Additives, Flavourings, Enzymes and extraction solvents  (England) Regulations 2013). The ingredients are then subjected to a heat treatment, the resulting mix is  frozen to produce finished ice cream which must comply with the General Food Law Regulations
EC 178/2002.

Ice Lolly or Water Ice

For products made from mainly water and sugar but may include flavour, ï¬‚avouring or colours.

The description of Dairy Ice Cream

This shall be applied to a food which complies with the description “ice cream” to a food where the fat content is a minimum of 5% and consists exclusively of milk fat and contains no other fats other than milk fat. It may include other ingredients which are not based on dairy fat, that are used  as an ingredient of  the ice cream such as egg, flavouring, emulsifier or stabiliser.

Fruit Ice Lolly or Fruit Ice

Is reserved for products made from mainly fruit juice or puree, water and sugar but may include flavour, ï¬‚avouring or colours and have minimum fruit content for non-citrus fruits of at least 15% and for citrus fruits of 10%.

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