Great Texas Pizza is being withdrawn from the market

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  • Part of the Chicago Town portfolio worth £108
  • Already worth £5m
  • Classic deep pan base crisp on the outside soft on the inside and uniquely topped to the edge
  • A main meal pizza for everyone to devour!
  • Chicago Town masterbrand supported with heavyweight TV in March 2014 which means these lines are always in demand

C/Town deli pepperoni PM £2.00 6x405g £9.89

C/Town deli Cheese PM £2.00 6x415g £9.89

————————————————————— REPLACING ————————————————————

Great Texas Cheese PM £1.50 6x325g £7.19

Great Texas ham& pine PM £1.50 6x355g £7.19

Great Texas pepperoni PM £1.50 6x345g £7.19

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