First 4 Frozen now offer a national identity with local established distribution partners who you may already have a trading relationship with, offering the highest level of service and the widest choice of frozen products.


The buying group provides Consort with a flexible and accessible solution to impulse ice cream and frozen food products.


Consort also have access to the marketing and brand power of household names such as Walls, Aunt Bessie’s, Chicago Town, Birds Eye and Mars. A range of frozen retail food and impulse ice cream are available with profitable margins and marketing support.


*Operating out of 12 regional depots
*Turnover in excess of £130m making us the largest independent frozen wholesalers in the UK
*Over 150 years of experience between partners
*Stockists of all major ice cream and frozen food brands along with other regional frozen products
*Your group has nominated First 4 Frozen as your route to market for all frozen products
*6 case Minimum Order
*Offering you one of the strongest promotional calendars in the frozen sector
*All orders will be invoiced at the most competitive prices negotiated for you via your buying group
*All purchases will be offered to you with your normal credit facilities via your buying group